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Best DSL Modem – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

List Of Top 10 Best DSL Modem In 2020

  1. Zoom Telephonics DSL modem – Best Dsl Modem Router
  2. NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi DSL Modem Router – Best Picks
  3. TP-Link TC-W7960 DOCSIS3.0 300Mbps Wireless Modem Router– Best Picks
  4. ARRIS Surfboard AC1600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router – Best Picks
  5. Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router – Best Picks
  6. MOTOROLA WiFi AC1600 DSL modem – Best Picks
  7. NETGEAR DSL Modem Router– Best Picks – Best Picks
  8. ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem – Best Picks
  9. Motorola SBG6580 Surfboard Extreme 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem – Best Picks
  10. NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300 Modem Router – Best Picks

Gone are the days when only telcos and ISPs were involved in providing internet services. These days, you can equally get highly reliable and fast internet services via DSL Modems.  What is more, you can get the best DSL modem at highly affordable cost and the internet services are even cheaper than what you get from telcos and ISPs. The best DSL modem can serve you for years and give you good value for money. You can also carry it along with you everywhere you go. This way, you can have access to fast internet service at all times. When searching for the best DSL modem, you can choose from any of the modems discussed below.

First Look At 10 Best Dsl Modem Reviews

(1) Zoom Telephonics DSL modem

The DSL modem combines a certified 343 Mbps cable Modem from Comcast and Time Warner Cable with 1900 Mbps Wi-Fi router together with a 4 GigE LAN port.  It is also certified by CableLabs and can be used with Bright House, Time Warner Cable, Comcast XFINITY, etc. Furthermore, it comes with a parental control feature. As a result, the end-user can restrict access to undesirable and inappropriate sites.  Its firewall is advanced and it equally features 3 dual-band antennas.  The antennas are highly reliable and feature superior speed, as well as, cover a wide range.

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(2) NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi DSL Modem Router

The DSL modem comes with an advanced QoS and is, therefore, optimized for smooth HD gaming and streaming. It features 2.0 port for connecting USB hard drives.  It equally supports wireless access. The Wi-Fi connection is always secure via WPA/WPA2, which is the highest wireless security available. The Wi-Fi range is very wide and it is highly reliable. It equally features Beamforming + boosts speed. You can completely put an end to monthly rental fees with this modem. It works perfectly with ADSL ISPs. Good examples of such ISPs are CenturyLink, Qwest, Verizon, AT&T and so on.  It, however, does not work with Comcast, CenturyLink VDSL or AT&T U-verse.

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(3) TP-Link TC-W7960 DOCSIS3.0 300Mbps Wireless Modem Router

This modem removes the need for monthly rental fees. It provides access to reliable Wi-Fi at home or anywhere for that matter via the TC-W7960. It is a dual device and can work as a router and a cable modem. Aside from removing the need for monthly rentals, it also creates very strong Wi-Fi. Its setup process is straightforward and its channel bonding is superb.  Consequently, you can download files, watch movies and play games without reducing your network speed.  Additionally, the modem comes with parental control features. It is equally ISPP compatible. The brand is trustworthy and you will get good value for money.

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(4) ARRIS Surfboard AC1600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

ARRIS surfboard has over a 60-year history of quality services.  The product emerges from the same company that created the first cable modem gateway and invented digital TV. The modem is compatible with all the major Cable Providers in the United States. The Wi-Fi beamforming also provides top-quality performance and max coverage.  ARRIS surfboard supports IPv6 and IPv4. Consequently, you will have a connection with the latest internet standard.  The Wi-Fi speed can go as high as 1600 Mbps and it supports 2.4/5.0 GHz dual-band at the same time. Furthermore, the modem comes with 4 upload and 8 download channels.

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(5) Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router

The modem features unique wireless security. It comes with WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. The firewall is also fully customized to ensure consistent security. Actiontec comes with an inbuilt 802.1 technology that permits the end-user to surf at 300 Mbps speed. The speed is six times faster than the previous versions.  The MIMO Smart Antenna widens the range of the signal generated, as well as, removes dead spots in wireless coverage. The automatic configuration removes installation challenges to make the device easier to use. The customer support is equally available 24/7 and the end-user can connect via the internet or by phone call.

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(6) MOTOROLA WiFi AC1600 DSL modem

The device has the dual function of a router and a modem.  It, therefore, requires little space for storage and reduces the need for too many wires.  The installation process is easy and fast thanks to the setup wizard included.   The internet speed is as high as 100 Mbps, but this depends on the speed of the ADSL or VDSL internet service. It can work for game stations, tablets, computers, HDTVs, Smartphone and other devices. The inbuilt router comes with a firewall, ACq600 wireless, 4 gig-e ports and so on the wireless security is top-notch and each device comes with a 2-year warranty.

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(7) NETGEAR DSL Modem Router

The modem is versatile. It is compatible with ADSL, ADSL2+, ADSL2, and VDSL.  It, however, does not support telephone services or voice from DSL internet service providers. The modem can work with various devices, like android, iPad, and iPhone. The parental control feature helps to set online boundaries. Additionally, it comes with a traffic meter that helps you to track how much internet data you use. Furthermore, the modem features the Network Map, which enables you to blocks or allows access to your internet network.  The device supports dual-band Wi-Fi up to 600 + 1300 Mbps.

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(8) ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

The ARRIS SURFboard modem comes with 8 download and 4 upload channels. It equally supports both IPv6 and IPv4 internet browsing standards. Furthermore, it has a download speed of 343 Mbps and comes with dual-band 802.11 Wi-Fi.  Its 2 x 2 Omni-directional antenna ensures that it can catch the network very fast and keep you connected at all times. It features a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet router that gives more value for money.  Its multimedia services and ultra-broadband data ensure the consistent delivery of fast home networking.  It is seamlessly mobile for easy access everywhere you go. End users will have to go online to get the install and driver wizards.

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(9) Motorola SBG6580 Surfboard Extreme 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem

This modem comes with a great price and it functions perfectly.  It is compatible with various cable internet services, like Xfinity, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Time Warner Cable and so on. It is, however, not compatible with CenturyLink, AT&T, and Verizon.  The modem can equally deliver up to 100 Mbps and ensures a consistent connection to the internet at home. It is a two-in-one N300 Wi-Fi router and DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. Additionally, it features 4 upload and 8 download channels at a very high speed of 131Mbps and 343 Mbps.

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(10) NETGEAR C3000-100NAS N300 Modem Router

This modem router represents the next generation modem technology and delivers 8 times more speed than conventional modems. The internet speed is up to 340 Mbps and it is very easy to install. End users can monitor the modem and its parental control feature enables easy blacklisting of unwanted websites. The Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure fast wired connections and the USB port makes it easy to share data with a hard drive. It is compatible with Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision and all the major Cable Internet Providers in the United States.

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The 6 Best Things About Best Dsl Modem

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best DSL Modem

There are so many brands of DSL Modems these days and each of them claims to be the best.  Before you believe what these brands say about themselves, you should first read reviews about them before you buy any of them. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you some of the important things to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on any of the forms of DSL modems sold out there today.

Is it compatible with your service provider?

Before you buy that DSL modem, you should first find out if it is compatible with your internet service provider.  Many of the DSL modems out there today are selective in terms of the ISP they work with.  The modem will fail to perform optimally if it is not compatible with your ISP.  You can find out about this by checking the specification o the modem before you buy. You should also find out if it is possible to upgrade the modem to improve compatibility.

Check the downstream and upstream

Before you buy that DSL modem, also find out if it can support the expected upload and download speed on your device.  Make sure that the device comes with a support system for optimal efficiency. Bear in mind, however, that the actual speed you can obtain from the modem largely depends on your service provider. Your DSL modem will perform very well if it records very high speed.

Check the maximum Wi-Fi speed

You should consider the theoretical data of the Wi-Fi speed from the manufacturer when you want to buy a DSL modem.  If the Wi-Fi speed is efficient, you will be saved from unwanted buffering when playing online games, watching videos or watching movies.  You should always check the optimum speed of the modem so that you can enjoy the highest speed possible within the Wi-Fi range.

Take note of all the features

You should consider all the features of the device before you buy it. The more the features, the more value you will get out of the device.  All the DSL modes on sale out there today come with light indicators, buttons, and ports.  The light indicator tells about the power stats, data transmission, and connection.  Some other important additional features to consider are:

  • Built-in firewall
  • Channel bonding feature
  • Telephone connection
  • emails

What are the available connections on the device? This will give an idea about its versatility of the device you want to buy.  Find out also if the manufacturer regularly updates its firewall. The regular update will ensure that the device does not become obsolete too soon.  How much space will you need to install the device? You should equally consider this before you buy the DSL modem.  It is important to check for the durability of the device. Never forget to also consider the aesthetics.

How much is it?

Price may not look like an entirely important factor to consider, but you should not overlook it at all.  The cost can depend on the features available in the device. Even at that, it is possible to get a DSL modem with full specifications at a very cheap cost. It is best to shop around, compare costs and features before you buy. Simply go for that particular device that has all the essential features and at an affordable cost.

Finally, do not forget to consider the quality of customer service of the brand of DSL modem you want to buy. How responsive are they to the queries and requests of the customers?  How effective and easy is their return policy? All these factors will help you to make the right selection when buying a DSL modem.


You can see from above that you need to put a lot of things into consideration when searching for the best DSL modem.  You should most leave any of the points above out so that you can always get good value for money. When choosing the best DSL modem, you should consider how long that particular brand name had been in business.  This is because some brand names are known for top quality products, while some other brands may not be reliable. You should take the time to read reviews about that brand of the DSL modem. The reviews will help you to make the right choice among the available brands of modems.