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ARRIS Surfboard G36 Review

Modems are a type of electronic networking device that use coax cable to transfer data at a great speed from the ISP to your device. ARRIS Surfboard G36 is a bit greater in terms of service than a wifi router. However, you should also know that there are modems in the market which has built-in wifi router.

Now you might be thinking about the key differences between routers and modems. Well, to not make you further confused, modems are used for larger area networking system. For example, a small colony or so. On the other hand, routers are for local usages such as an apartment or an office or so.

Now, you should know what operating systems do modems and routers use, since both of them are electronic devices. As for routers, there are two main and famous OS, the CISCO OS and Juniper JUNOS. As for the modems, there are more options like Linux, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS etc.

These operating systems run the whole device through issuing updates of the firmware (for routers), and software (for modems).The manufacturers issue updates to debug and to keep the device smooth.

In the market, you can find many modems with built-in routers. However, you should know the key factors that will determine which modems and routers are the best. As there are many options in the market to make you confused, we take the responsibility to guide you to the best ones.

If you are looking for something unreal, then this particular modem can be your ultimate choice. ARRIS Surfboard G36 is known for heavy duty and durable modems that will provide you the best data transfer speed. This dual-band modem using Linux OS fits all types of mobile devices including phones, tablets, laptops and so on.

The ARRIS Surfboard G36 manufacturer has used the DOCSIS 3.1 version modem technology that is 10 times faster than the DOCSIS 3.0. For the reason, you can have the access to spread your network up to 2500 square feet. With zero buffer and ultra-high definition streaming quality, this modem is the game changer for you.

If you want to know which networking service providers support this modem, you will be glad to know that this modem is compatible with almost all the providers including Xfinity, Gigabit and so on. You will have an additional router with wifi 6 speed that provides you 3Gbps data transfer.

Where most of the modems barely serves you for about 5 years max, this one will be remain your loyal companion for about 6-8 years! We understand you concern as there are not many brands that assure you the service they talk about. But this one, will always be at your side!

Now it is the time to install the modem. If you are concerned about the whole installation process, here is the quick step-by-step guide just for your convenience:

  • The very first thing will be to thoroughly check the electrical line of your house. It is very important because you will be getting the power supply from your electric line. So, if there is any sort of issue, then whole thing will be doomed and you will lose your product.
  • The next thing will be selecting a suitable place for the socket. This is the place where your modem will be placed. So, you got to be careful.
  • After that, as the primary point of electric supply has been settled, you need to select a suitable place for your modem.
  • People generally set it just by the desktop thinking that it will provide faster data transmission. We say different. You need to set your modem in a place from where the modem will be serving equally.
  • To do that, you can choose the medium high wall portions of the center room of your apartment.
  • To install the cables, first put the fiber-optic cable in the modem. If you have a DSL modem, you need to install a landline for it first.
  • Put the cable in the port of the modem which you will find on the bottom left or right side of it where all the ports are, it is square shaped port.
  • The modems use AC adapters. This adapter can be found in any electronic store near you. You need to connect the adapter with the main line of your house and simply insert the port of the adapter in the modem.
  • There is a round shaped port with a small inside of it. Yes, that is it!
  • Once you have successfully installed all the parts, you can give it a shot. Turn on the main line and switch of the modem.
  • We suggest you to double check everything, especially the power lines. Because if there is too much electricity, that is more than the fuse of the modem can handle, you might just end up losing some good money!
  • If everything is fine and in tune, wait till the red signal of the modem turns into green.
  • Then you can customize is as per your choice by simply logging in to the website of the modem with the IP address that your ISP has provided you with.

FAQ ARRIS Surfboard G36

What if my modem needs an Upgrade?

As we already have mentioned that modems and routers do require updates to keep it smooth and fast. However, this update is solely relied on the manufacturers as they are the one that issues an update. If there is any update, you can download it from the corresponding website.

How can I change my cables?

In order to change the cables of your modem, you need to turn off your modem and then pull out the existing cable. Then simply put the new one just like you have put the previous one. Job done!

How far can I use the modem?

It is generally said that one modem is enough for one apartment. A normal modem can serve you up to 1500 square feet. But a better one, can serve you up to 2700 square feet. So, if you have a bigger house, you can go for the better ones.

Can my cables get burned?

There is lesser chance that your cables can get burned due to excessive electric transmission. However, these are rarest of rarest cases. In reality, you should take a good care of the modem.

Why my speed is slow?

Although it is rare for a modem to fluctuate the internet speed, there are cases that shows us that the speed has reduced. It is because, either your ISP is providing you lesser bandwidth, or you haven’t updated your modem yet!

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