Can I use cable modem for ADSL connection

cable modem for ADSL connection

The cable internet system uses coax able to supply faster internet. It uses tree topology and this makes it a bit vulnerable. Cable connections are widely used around the US only for their speed. As this method has a lesser rate of interference, this means that this one is much faster than ADSL connections. The maximum frequency is around 1000 MHz while the ADSL has only 1.1 MHz.

Keeping these aside, if we consider one’s wish that he wants to connect his cable modem to an ADSL connection, we are afraid to say that it will be a disappointment. It is because there will be no match in any section.

The cable modem or the cable connections use coax cable, while the ADSL ones use twisted pair cable. When the frequency rate is high in the cable connections, it is the opposite in the ADSL ones.

Last but not the least, the speed. The coax cable connections give you 1 Gbps of internet speed while the ADSL ones give you only 200 Mbps speed at best.

All in all, you simply cannot use a cable modem or a cable connection to use the ADSL service. These two are far from each other and there is no way that they can combine.

Why we cannot use a cable modem for ADSL connection

In the earlier times when the modems came in the market for the first time, there were no varieties. There was only a single device that was the primary source of the internet. And the user had to buy a separate device that would spread the internet around his house or office or any other facility.

But after a couple of years, the evolution of modems took place slowly. Nowadays, the modem we see is a combination of a modem and a router. Also, there are various types of modems that can be found in the market. For example, DSL, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, Cable, and so on.

All these modems have differences in their basic functioning principles. Some of these can be connected to any device, while the other ones can only be connected to specific devices. In this article, we will be talking about ADSL modems and the reasons why you cannot connect your cable modem for ADSL connection.

First, let us get introduced to the ADSL thing. ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. This is a part of the initial DSL connection. ADSL is a type of internet service that will provide you with quicker internet than normal dial up connections.

ADSL uses twisted pair cables to supply internet. And it requires two separate modems for internet supply; one for the user, the other for the supplier. ADSL is dependent on the downstream and upstream principles.

This means that the internet will fluctuate depending on the downstream and the upstream. The downstream gives you quicker internet while the upstream gives you less quick internet. It is because the downstream does not allow any interference while the upstream loses its power while allowing other signals to merge with it.

On the other hand, the cable modem uses a coax cable to supply internet. Cable modems or cable network is faster than ADSL because the rate of interference is much lower than ADSL. However, this internet connection uses tree topology. This means, if the supplier and the user are on the same line, there will be upstream and it will cause a slow network.

The rated frequency of cable connections stays around 60-900 MHz. and the maximum internet speed has been recorded to 1.3 Gbps. This shows that cable connections are more reliable than ADSL connections.

There are many reasons of why you cannot use a cable modem for ADSL connection. ADSL uses twisted pair cable while the cable modem uses coax cable. If you are to connect them, there will be no combination and ultimately there will be no internet supply.

The maximum speed of ADSL is around 190 Mbps, while the cable ones provide you with around 1 Gbps.

In terms of cable modem, it uses one single line for many users as it follows the tree topology. This makes cable connections more vulnerable than ADSL connections. Because, ADSL ones are more secure.

The frequency rate won’t match these two if you want to use a cable modem for ADSL connections. The maximum frequency rate of ADSL is 1.1 MHz. While the cable connections give you more than 900 MHz!

Last but not the least, ADSL has the ability to choose its internet service provider freely. But for the cable ones, there is no option of choosing an ISP of its own.

Even though the cable modem is much faster than the ADSL ones, there are still some limitations in terms of service. ADSL connections are more reliable and secure. And for these reasons, you cannot use your cable modem to connect it with an ADSL connection.

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