NETGEAR Nighthawk AX6000 WiFi 6 Mesh

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Whether you are a technological expert or not, but you must admit that you need the service of Internet every single day of your life. A modem is type of a device that provides you with internet given by the internet service providers. Nowadays, NETGEAR Nighthawk AX6000 WiFi 6 Mesh is considered one of the most used technological devices worldwide.

We assume that you are quite well aware of the wifi thing and the router. But you should know that these devices are not exactly the same. Although they perform almost the same action, there are differences between modems and routers.

The critical difference between modems and routers is that a modem works as the secondary station of your internet or data that operates under the internet service provider or your ISP. Whereas a router works only as data distributing agent.

But the product that we are going to talk about is a network extender. This is a type of device that extends the area of internet. Now you might be wondering the functions of a range extender. Well, these are more like a mixture of modem and router with a special feature of being able to extend your wifi range.

To use this one properly, you need to connect it to the existing wifi service of your home or office and then it will increase the range of your wifi.

This product gives you so value that you should not look for other ones. As most of these type of products are using band system, this one is using the 802.11ax one. It is more powerful and gives you more space to roam!

As a dual-band internet device, this one gives you more than most other products in the market within the same price range. It has been tested that it has the data transmission speed of up to 6 Gigabits per second! Which is unreal indeed.

Now let’s talk about more in detail. Suppose you have a family gathering on any occasion and you have 20 people in your house and all of them has a separate device to be connected to the internet. We are pretty sure that you are scratching your head and wondering what should you do.

Well, we got your back as this extender allows you to connect over 30 devices including mobile phones, laptops, smart tvs, gaming consoles and many more. So, you won’t have to be anxious just yet.

This  one will be the best choice for you If you are a streamer. With the 6 Gigabits per second speed, this one give you the freedom of streaming 4K Ultra High Definition videos. If you are a gamer, we assure you that you will never find yourself lagging behind for internet issues as this one uses wifi 6 speed (AX6000)! This one is the best extender for gaming and streaming for sure!

As there is the issue of security, we suggest you to buy this product right away. This one uses the WPA and WPA2 security protocol that keeps your internet and MAC address out of the range of the hackers around!

Once you have bought one of these, we now give you the guide to install it properly as many of you are not aware of the function of this product. Here is a step by step instruction for the setup:

  • You need to connect your modem first. To do that, you need to put it in one of the sockets of your house and then turn the main switch ON.
  • After that, use the coax cable provided by your ISP and then connect it to one of the ports of your modem.
  • As you are through that, you need to wait for the light of the modem to turn green. Or to turn it in a static green if it is blinking. That means, you have internet access now.
  • For the extender, the rest of it is very easy.
  • Simply connect the extender with your modem’s internet and login to the corresponding website and customize as per you choice.
  • Once you are done with this, just tap the WPS button and then connect it to the router of your modem and you are good to go.
  • You can use the ‘NETGEAR Wifi Analyzer’ app to customize it further and check the update and further details about it.


How long it will serve?

As you can see that the range extenders are more like repeaters and these devices do not have any other operation other than repeating the signals, we can say that it can serve you up to 5 years without any maintenance.

But there can be some issues regarding the range factor as some of these devices need updates. However, you can easily upgrade them by downloading it from the website. Or through the help of the operating system as they automatically install it for you.

Will it work with my existing router?

If you have an existing wifi system at your house, then you can easily install this one and connect it with the routers. However, for this, it requires a bit more detailed setup by which you can get bored.

So, our suggestion will be that you buy a new router or modem to connect it without facing any hassle.

How can I update it?

Well, there are many ways by which you can update your extender and have better service. One of the ways is that you can manually download it from the corresponding website and install it all by yourself.

Or, you can rely on the operating system of your device as it automatically downloads it for you and then install it.

Does it support WPA3 Security?

As you know that this one is an upgraded version, you can use it for multiple types of security protocols. This includes the WPA3 security system.

Also, you can use it for the WPA, WPA2 and other older versions of security.

Do I need to change my SSID?

This extender does not require any changes in term of your identification. That means, you can use your old SSID for this one as you have installed it. This is unlike anything else. No extra hassle, no extra time waste on setting up your name or anything, wherever you go!

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