Which DSL modem is best for you


DSL or Digital subscriber Line is a type of technological system that is used to connect a computer to the landline, or the land-phone line to allow the computer to have access to the internet.

In earlier times, the user had to buy two separate devices, one router and one DSL modem to use the internet on the computer. However, as technology has advanced, manufacturers have made routers with built-in DSL modems.

Depending on the bandwidth capacity and the DSL version (ADSL2+, VDSL), there are some good DSL modems that can fit your requirements.

For example, you can buy a CenturyLink DSL Modem. It will provide you speed up to 300 Mbps and it has 1 LAN, DSL and Ethernet port including 2 VoIP ports.

The NETGEAR D2200D DSL Modem can be another great choice. It also gives you up to 300 Mbps speed with 4 additional Ethernet ports and 1 DSL port in the same price!

The Arris DSL Modem should be your best choice as it gives you about 1000 Mbps speed with 4 Ethernet ports, 1 LAN, 1 DSL and 1 ONT port with the complementary Landphone port.

Last but not the least, the TP-LINK ADSL2+ modem. It gives you 300 Mbps speed and comes with 1 LAN and DSL port.

What to look for in a DSL modem

Nowadays, the users of modems are very prone to use the newest edition, DSL modems. DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is the bypass way to connect your computer to the internet through the help of a landline.

Before the invention users had to use two separate devices to connect their computers to the internet. However, now, the manufacturers have made a device that has a built in DSL modem and a router as well.
You need the right modem for your internet. A satellite internet needs a satellite modem, a 5G internet needs an LTE modem, a Dial Up internet needs a Dial Up modem and so on.

Next, you need to check the speed. We suggest you to buy one that gives you at least 1000Mbps speed.

The next thing should be the range. A good DSL modem should cover at least 2000 square feet of space for browsing.

Look for the DOCSIS 3.1 ones as they are faster, smoother and better.

Lastly, channel alignment. We suggest you to buy one which has either 24*8 or 32*8 modems. Remember, only these will provide you with high-speed internet of about 900+ Mbps.

Do I need a router for my DSL modem

DSL modems are the newest edition to the internet section. These are the modems that allow your computer to use the internet with the help of a landline.

Before DSL modems were invented, the user had to go through a rough ride of buying paired devices. That means, that the user had to buy an extra router to spread the internet all around the corresponding space or facility.

However, nowadays, manufacturers have been working hard to ensure the betterment of the users. They are trying to reduce the customers’ hassle of buying a separate device and installing it.

For the reason, the popularity and the necessity of built in modem router combo are at their peak. A user won’t have to buy a separate device to spread the internet around his/her house.

Rather, one can buy a DSL modem that already has a built-in router in it. All the user has to do is unbox the modem and then connect it to the cable provided by the internet service provider. There is no extra installation, no pairing issues and most of all, no extra settings in it. Simply, buy, install, connect and browse!

Can I replace my DSL modem?

Before the invention of the DSL modems, users had to go through a roller-coaster ride of unboxing the machine, installing and then pairing it with a separate router that has to match the requirements of the modem.

However, these days the users do not have to face such issues as the manufacturers have worked on the betterment of the users. They have built a DSL modem that has a built-in router within it. This has made the work so easy for the users.

DSL modems are basically a type of bypass route for computers to have access to the internet. Generally, DSL modems can serve you up to 7 years without any issues.

But, if your modem is not serving up to the requirements, then you still have the chance to change it or replace it. In terms of changing, you can buy a new one with better specs.

If you are willing to replace it, we suggest you replace it with another DSL modem. Because DSL modems are currently the best in the market with all the necessary requirements and more.

But be sure to check the features. Look for those ones which have good bandwidth, the highest channel alignment and a better range.

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