NETGEAR (C6230) Cable Modem Router

Modems are basically a type of electronic device that uses coax cable to connect your desktop, laptop or any other networking machine to the internet, or to the internet service provider (ISP), with which you are connected. NETGEAR (C6230) Cable Modem with Built-in WiFi Router is one of them.

Now, you might be wondering how modems work. Generally, these modems receive the signals from the ISP and sends it to the connected local devices or vice versa. The name modem came from the idea ‘modulation’ and ‘demodulation’ meaning that the signal that has been received from an ISP is demodulated or broken down into several parts that the local devices can conceive.

When a modem is all about creating a personal network provided by the ISP, the idea of a router is almost the same except that a router is connected through a local area network or LAN. A router is much simpler in terms of networking principles. A router’s main job is to spread the network among the connected device while it has no reservoir of its own data that it can supply. To be more specific and easy to understand, a router is just the distributor of the data that is coming from a higher source, like ISP.

Despite the differences between modems and routers, some modems have a built-in Wi-Fi router within them, making them technologically even more advanced. As technology has evolved, the idea of using a separate modem and router has slowly been vanished. For the reason, these two have been merged into one better, faster and more efficient electronic networking device. This is also called ‘Gateway’.

The NETGEAR (C6230) Cable Modem Router is one of the finest modem router combo used worldwide. The manufacturers have embraced the new technology and attached the two separate devices. This has made the outcome as a better and integrated version the can serve up to the mark and beyond.

This particular device has a dual-band frequency type and they have used an 802.11 Ac wireless function. It can be used for all possible mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, MAC, gaming consoles and more.

The basic connectivity technology is Ethernet and Wi-Fi. In terms of your inquiry on exactly what is the ideal range of a gateway or a modem-router, we can say that there is no specific range but the engineers do count about 15 kilometers will do. But as we are not talking about gateways in general, these modem routers should have a range near around 800-1000 square feet. Whereas this modem router gives you maximum range of 1200 square feet.

How to Setup

As this is a modem(just like NETGEAR (C6230) Cable Modem Router) with built in router, we will guide you on how you can install the modem only.

  • First, you need to select a perfect place for your modem to sit. Generally, people place it just by the computer or other device on the table. We suggest you to set it on the wall at a medium-high altitude.
  • After setting the modem on the wall, you need to set an electric outlet. If you have cable or fiber optic internet, you must attach a coaxial cable to the wall socket where you obtain your internet. If you have a DSL modem, you will be required to connect a land line to a phone wall connector.
  • Next, you need to connect the other part of the cable with the modem itself. You can find the port on the right or left side of the modem.
  • Generally, the modems have AC adapters. To attach the adapter port, set your adapter to the main line and then connect the other part of the adapter to the modem. You will find a round shaped port with a pin inside of it. Yes, that is the adapter port.
  • Once you have connected all the parts successfully, turn on the main switch to see if the cables and the modem is working well
  • Caution: While you are installing the whole thing, we suggest you to keep the main line off, as there can be accidents and you might end up damaging your modem.
  • There is a bypass way to turn on your modem and that is an additional switch attached to it. It is because there is a fuse in the modem that prevents higher electricity to pass through it and it saves the device.
  • After tuning the main line ON, you need to turn the switch of the modem ON. You might discover a red light, either static or blinking.
  • Wait till it turns green as the ISP provides you with internet and data.
  • Finally, you can have the manual software setup by logging in the website of the modem and connect the router to spread the network.

What is the chipset?

As you know that these modem router combos are made to take heavy loads, the chipset of these combos are made with proper care. The manufacturer has used the powerful Intel chipset inside of it to make it even more powerful.

Also, the key difference between the other chipsets and this one is that this chipset does not allow the modem to crash.

How to update?

Well, updating a modem is a very easy task. All you have to do is either go to the page of the modem then update it all by yourself, or you can rely on the operating system that will automatically install the updates for you.

When I need to change my Modem?

Naturally, a modem lasts longer than you think. A good modem will serve you up to 6+ years without any issues. However, if you find that there have been some issues regarding the service, you need to change it immediately. If there is no such issues, then you won’t have to be concerned for around 6-7 years!

How many devices can I use?

Generally, a modem can serve up to 60 devices that use 5 GHz of Wi-Fi. And 3 devices can be connected through Ethernet. To mention, this is for bigger modems for a certain large area. But for local area, let’s say an apartment of 1500 square feet, you can connect up to 10 devices through wife.

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