Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system Review

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We assume that your idea about modems and routers have been clarified in our pervious articles. Now we will be talking about a very new item that is literally shaking the electronic market. Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system is called the Mesh.

Now, you might be wondering what on earth a mesh is. Or you might be asking yourself about the key principles of a mesh network. Well, although you might be a bit confused with this mesh thing, we are here to support you.

A mesh is a type of topology or network that contains multiple network service providing devices within the sphere of a certain area. Still confused?

To be more specific, Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system is a modified version of modems and routers. Actually, this mesh uses multiple same devices within an area that is unlike a singular data server. For instance, if you have a modem at your home, that is the only place that will be serving with internet, right?

For a mesh network, it is rather 2, 3, 4 maybe even 5 devices that will be set around the places of an area and will be serving internet. That means, you will never have any dead-spots or buffering areas like your washroom from where you do not usually get any internet, or even if you get, it is dead slow.

The key difference between mesh and traditional data servers like routers and modems is that the modems and routers works as a single unit. On the other hand, a mesh is more like a group of connected devices at your home. So, you will never be in those dead spots since you are never far from one of them!

The aforementioned product is one of the finest in this genre that provides you the ultimate mesh internet support. This one gives you wifi 6 and coverage of about 4500 square feet! Also, the speed is so good that you will get 500 Mbps!

This product is an example of erasing the idea of buffer spots that you have with those traditional modems and routers. There is no way you will get stuck in the middle of the climax of your favorite movie.

One of the key features of this extraordinary mesh router is that can be connected to Alexa! Also, you can invite all of your pals at your home to try it out as this beast offers connectivity with up to 75 devices! Sounds real crazy, right?

You won’t even have to update it by yourself. This product has the function of automatic update. That means, you won’t have to wait till the download end like the normal routers and modems.

This mesh gives you the opportunity to experience some of the premium features for free! For instance, the multiple admin, wifi scheduling, smart home hub and off course, the guest network feature too!

To be honest, we do not see any valid reason behind your waiting. Buy one right away before it is out of stock!

Now, once you know every detail about Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system, we would like to volunteer you so that you can successfully install this machine. Here is a quick guideline of how you can install this mesh:

  • As you know that this one is not like the other traditional modems or routers, there are some differences in term of installing it. However, the primary steps remain the same.
  • First you need to make a socket for the devices. Note that the number of sockets depends on the number of mesh devices you have.
  • So, your first job is to make sockets. Once you have made the sockets, you need to pull the cable which is provided by your ISP and then connect with one of the mesh devices.
  • As you have connected one of your devices, you need to make sure that it is getting the electricity supply properly. To check that, you need to give it a try several times.
  • Then unlike other internet providing devices, you need to connect it with other mesh devices. For that, you have to repeat the same action that you have done first.
  • The only difference is that there will be no cables this time, rather an adapter to connect it with the corresponding socket.
  • After you have connected these devices, you have to pair these with the central device via corresponding app or website.
  • Once you are done with all these, you are ready to enjoy the premium internet service.


Do I need extra cables?

No, you will not require any extra coax cable to connect the rest of your devices with the central one. You only need one coax cable that will be supplying the internet from the ISP to your home. The rest of the devices are more like repeaters that will ensure zero buffering.

How many devices can I use?

We have mentioned that this product is not like traditional routers or modems. Rather it is a mixture of both with extra features.

You can connect up to 60 devices which will have no issue while browsing. However, if your ISP is not serving with good speed, the device won’t help.

How can I update it?

As you know that most of these electronic devices require a manual update by the user, we want to let you know that this particular device gives you a hassle free updating system which is completely automatic!

That means, if there is any update, the device will automatically download and install itself. Sounds unreal, right?

What is the range?

As these devices have more capability, we want to let you know that the range is also beyond good. If you have an apartment of 3000 square feet, you will have the best service from it.

But it can also serve within 4000 square feet if the number of connected mobile devices are a bit less. It lessens the traffic.

How long it will serve?

These devices are exceptional and one of the bests in the market right now. The longevity of this one is assumed to be up to 6 years without any issue!

But you should keep it mind that you need to take real care of this one as it has more complex mechanics than the traditional ones.


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